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Our catering spread is $14.95 per person plus 5% gratuity and 5% transportation fee. The minimum order size is 25 in NYC and 20 in Chicago. We are also able to accommodate pickup orders for 15 people or more.

Optionally, you can add our Impossible Ground Beef for $2 more per person.

We respond as soon as possible to inquiries, however, responses may take longer outside of normal business hours.

Please check our FAQ page for more information. You can also reach us by phone during office hours at (929) 265-6168. We are happy to answer any questions by phone but all orders must be placed through the catering form or by directly emailing us at

We hope to hear from you soon!

“Every order is perfect, and I never have to worry about delivery or running out of food. Dos Toros is a definite go-to for catering, simply because the food is good, on time, and makes everyone happy. The food is delicious, and everyone gets excited when they find out Dos Toros is catering. The presentation is exceptional, and I never have to worry about how things are setup. I just tell the delivery people where I want the lines to start, and they automatically know how to set the food. Everyone frequents Dos Toros on their own dime, so when it is catered, a lot of people are excited. We use Slack in the office, and someone has gone as far to create a little Dos Toros bull reaction!”
- Christina Cruz, Administrative Assistant, HBO
“Dos Toros is delicious, consistent and the staff is always so friendly. DT is always a huge crowdpleaser here at SoulCycle. Being responsible for organizing many group events, knowing that DT has something to suit all dietary restrictions makes my job much easier. I can't recommend them enough.”
- Jack Meyer, Manager of Training Operations, Soul Cycle

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