Burrito 573-1023*

A mission style classic with monterey jack on a steamed tortillas.

Tacos 280-550*

Served in a soft corn tortilla, our tacos are loaded.

DT Quesadilla 633-930*

Crisped, melted, filled and then tri-folded, kind of like a crispy burrito.

Bowl 381-778*

Like a burrito but served in a bowl instead of a tortilla.

Salad 297-898*

Served on romaine or mixed greens with a side of our lime vinaigrette.

Nachos 604-944*

Served over corn tortilla chips with melted Monterey jack.

choose your main

Pollo Asado

grilled chicken - marinated in adobo naturally raised by FreeBird

Carne Asada

grilled sirloin tip steak - a premium cutnaturally raised by Aspen Ridge


braised pork shoulder - our signature recipe naturally raised by Clemens Farms

Impossible Ground Beef

seasoned plant-based protein
by Impossible™️ Food

Rice & Beans

simple and classic with your choice of fillings

choose your fillings

black or pinto beans 114

mexican rice or farro 120-126*

sautéed corn 60

peppers & onions 28

signature hot sauce 3-11*

smokey, verde, or habanero

crushed chips 47

tomato salsa 16

sour cream 56

shredded monterey jack 107

shredded romaine 4

guacamole (add 1.87) 91


Chips 385

Guacamole 155

Chips & Guacamole 540


Bottled Water 0

Coke/Diet/Sprite 0-138*

Premium Drinks 3-150*


Tecate 142

Corona/Pacifico 140-150*


Everything we offer is vegan except our meats, cheese, and sour cream.


Our Impossible Ground Beef is a soy-based, plant protein. Our chicken marinade contains Tamari soy (which is gluten free). Our tortillas for burritos and quesadillas, and our rice mix are made on equipment that also processes soy.


There is zero dairy in anything we sell except our cheese and our sour cream. Our cheese is Monterey Jack, and it is naturally lactose free.


There are zero nuts in anything at DT.


Only our farro and our flour tortillas (for burritos and quesadillas) contain gluten. Everything else is gluten free. Tacos, Bowls, and Salads without farro are great gluten free choices.


There are no GMOs in our flour tortillas, corn tortillas or rice. Our corn chips however do contain GMO corn (90% of the US corn crop is GMO), as do our corn and soy oil. Our Impossible Ground Beef also contains GMO.

Corn Tortillas

Our corn tortillas are provided by Masienda – importers of heirloom corn sustainably grown by small farmers in the Oaxaca region. These taco tortillas are 100% corn with no preservatives or additives. They are made fresh every morning by Tortilleria Nixtimal in Queens.